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Product name:multiphase flow meter skid


Components: mainly gas-liquid cyclone separator, gas-liquid separation controller and measuring instruments.

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Product Details

single well metering device

1. Components: mainly gas-liquid cyclone separator, gas-liquid separation controller and measuring instruments.

2. Application: this device is installed on the well head to monitor the production status of oil wells on line all day long and accurately measure the total contents of liquid and gas of the yield produced on the day. In view of the theft protection, a theftproof device may be used. Besides, it may be used together with the theftproof well head and multi-functional theftproof sampling valves produced by our factory, to get an overall theftproof well head.

3. When required by the users, device of this type is applicable for remote data transmission that only one computer is used in mine or team to perform remote monitoring and the measurement parameters can be automatically acquired and processed to realize display of instantaneous and accumulative values of liquid and gas and generate automatically the production report and storage data. In case of any production abnormality in one well, the system may give alarm, thus having an unattended operation.

4.Measure principle:
Oil well fluid through gas-liquid cyclone separator, realize the separation of gas-liquid two-phase flow high efficiency. By a separate controller to control the liquid level and gas hydraulic differential. The gas and liquid of after separation,through respectively gas flow meters, mass flow meter to achieve accurate measurement of the quantity of the oil, gas, water.The measuring instrument parameters transmit to the computer for data processing.To realize the calculation and recording of oil, gas and water the instantaneous value, cumulative value and other parameters.

5.Products advantage

(1)no radioactive multiphase flow metering

(2)High accuracy of measurement

Liquid flow:±2%

Integrated moisture content ±3%

Gas flow:±5%

(3)24h Real-time online monitoring

It is realization 24h real-time monitoring of metering instruments measuring parameters. And it could generate production data curve, and according to customer demanding form various production reports.

(4)Good applicability

This device is applicable to multi-phase continuous measurement of single-wells and teams (units, blocks and oil reservoirs) under different working conditions and media flow patterns in complex environments including land, sea and desert.

(5)High degree of informatization

(6)Set up production information collection, storage, reporting and information network system, real-time monitoring of production data, effectively reduce the labor intensity and improve efficiency.

(7)Simple to use

The man-machine dialogue, simple operation, less maintenance, maintenance, long service life.

(8)Safe and reliable

The pipeline design, without separator and relief valve pressure device, using more safely.