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1.Shengli Oilfield Shengli Petroleum Instrument Factory was founded in 1992,with more than 20 years experience in flow meter,multiphase flow mesurement device and Intelligent measurement management system.We have rich experience.

2.Equipment warranty period and maintenance


The product warranty period is 18 months from the date of delivery or 12 months of product installation. Any performance failure or technical obstacle occurs within the warranty period caused by non-human damage, the company provides free service for repair and replacement. When the product is used beyond the warranty period specified by the company or failed to use under the instructions or any damage or fault caused by being used, maintained or kept in inappropriate working environment, which is not following the instructions, consumers can choose a paid service.


The company provides technical training for two to four periods. The engineering technician gives guidance to the users on on-site installation and the training for product operation, equipment maintenance and software application, to ensure that the operators can grasp the essentials of product installation, operation and maintenance in a short time.

3.Equipment advantages over that of other manufacturers.


(i) Contribute to building digital oil field.   
(ii)Reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiently.
(iii)Alarm function
(vi)Data checking function
(v)Precise measurement.
(vi)Secure performance
(vii)Simple operation and need less maintenance

4.Precise and stable measurement data.


Sub-measuring device integrates various technologies of cyclone separator, oil-gas density difference analysis, liquid metering, pressure testing, data acquisition and processing. The device is to get gas-liquid two-phase efficient separation by gas-liquid cyclone separator, accumulator, separation stabilizer and gas-liquid separation controller. Gas and liquid after separation are being measured through corresponding measuring instrument. Data collecting devices acquire data from measuring instruments, and then accurately calculate related data, such as liquid amount, gas amount, oil amount, water content, pressure and temperature, etc.


5.Accessories supply


All the year round we stock with 300-2000 kinds of wearing parts